Light white / Cordoba blue
Racing red
Iced chocolate metallic

Other bikes

The pictures may include optional equipment.

  • F 800 R
  • S 1000 R
  • G 310 R

R 1200 R

Special-steel crash bars

• Robust, 2-part crash bars made of electro-polished special steel.
• Effectively protecting cylinders and heads from damage in minor mishaps.
• Characteristic enduro looks
• Weight: Approx. 3.6 kg
• Well combinable to cylinder-head cover guard

Cylinder-head cover guard made of special-steel

• Excellent protection for the cylinder-head cover, preventing scratches and damage caused by flying stones
• Plastic contact guard at outside, replaceable
• Large rubber buffer on inside
• BMW Motorrad logotype on contact guard
(As seen on the R1200RT)

Softbag for passenger seat

The waterproof softbag is secured to the passenger seat and provides approximately 16 litres of storage space ‒ just the right size for, e.g. the daily commute and day trips. It is also the perfect way of expanding the storage space provided by the tank bag.

• Hard-wearing polyester fabric with PU coating
• Waterproof main compartment, approximately 16 l inner bag with roll top
• Zip fastener around three sides provides good accessibility
• Water-repellent, front outer pockets with zip fasteners
• Bottom is moulded EVA, shaped for a snug fit and with an anti-slip PU surface layer
• Practical carry handle at front
• White BMW Motorrad inscription on the lid
• Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 30 x 15 to 23 x 30 cm (maximum)
• Colour: Black

Touring cases

• Hardshell plastic cases, spray-proof
• Capacity, total: Approx. 63 l (right approx. 31 l, left approx. 32 l)
- The left case is slightly larger and will easily accommodate 1 helmet.
• Case lids painted in granite grey metallic matt
• Extension on bottom of case makes packing and unpacking all the easier
• Cases lockable, same-key locking system for vehicle key possible
• Maximum payload per case: 10 kg
• Recommended top speed with case(s) installed: 180 km/h
• Weight (per case): Approx. 3.8 kg
• Unobtrusive case carriers that do not get in the way when the cases are not fitted
• Optional: Waterproof liners for touring cases

Liners for touring cases

• Functional, dimensionally stable liners
• Bases are moulded EVA with Lycra coating
• Lids are hard-wearing polyester fabric with PU coating
• Waterproof with welded liner with sportsbag-type closure
• Fit and design tailor-matched to the touring cases
• Shaped back to make full use of available capacity
• Rubberised, 2-way zipper round 3 sides for good accessibility
• Mesh separator in the lid
• Carry handle and removable shoulder strap, adjustable
• Contrasting-grey liner is 100 % polyester with PU coating
• BMW Motorrad logotype on lid
• Colour: Black

Topcase 2, small

• Waterproof plastic topcase
• Capacity: Approx. 30 l, big enough to accommodate 1 helmet
• Topcase lid painted in granite grey metallic matt
• Soft-close hinges allow the lid to be lowered gently to the closed position
• Topcase lockable, same-key locking system for vehicle key possible
• Maximum payload: 5 kg
• Recommended top speed with topcase installed: 180 km/h
• Weight: Approx. 3.8 kg

Tank bag

• Highly functional tank bag
• Hard-wearing polyester fabric with PU coating
• Moulded for a perfect match to the geometry of the fuel tank, the bottom is made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)
• Waterproof, extendible main compartment:
- Capacity: Approx.5 l, extendible to approx. 9 l
- Inner bag is waterproof with roll-and-seal closure and taped seams
- 2-way zipper round 3 sides for good accessibility
• Highly water-repellent, small map compartment:
- Good access by rubberised two-way zipper on 2 sides (in main compartment)
- Anti-slip PU coating
• Water-repellent zippered outside pocket
• Carry handle and removable shoulder strap, adjustable
• Unobstructed view of the BMW Motorrad Navigator
• Attachment:
- Affix 2 retaining straps with Velcros to the vehicle (1x under the seat, 1x at front on frame)
- Tank bag / retaining straps connection by snap buckles
• Maximum payload: 5 kg
• Recommended top speed with tank bag installed: 180 km/h
• Contrasting-grey liner is 100 % polyamide with PU coating
• BMW Motorrad logotype on outside pocket
• Colour: Black

Engine spoiler

• Shapely, two-part engine spoiler
• Polyamide (PA 6) with a proportion of glass fibres added, tough and resistant to ultra-violet light
• Painted in vehicle colour(s) or primed for individual paint finish
- Colour versions: Lightwhite non-metallic for R 1200 R; Blackstorm metallic and lupin blue metallic for R 1200 RS
- Colour versions also available as optional extras (ex-works)
• Visual enhancement and customisation
• Weight: Approx. 190 g per side
• Not in combination with crash bars

LED flashing turn indicators

• Attractive flashing turn indicators on stalks, with state-of-the-art LED technology
• White turn indicator glass with 2 LEDs per turn indicator
• Enhanced safety on the road, provided by virtually zero-wear LED lights
• Also available as an optional extra

Akrapovič sports silencer

• Slip-on silencer for throaty sound and sporty looks
• Shell made of titanium, internals made of stainless steel
• Considerable reduction in weight compared to standard configuration (approx. 1 kg)
• Carbon end cap and heat shield
• Power and torque at the levels of the standard configuration
• Akrapovič logotype lasered into the side
• Approved for road use

Footrests, milled, adjustable

• High-quality CNC-milled front footrests, complete with footbrake lever and gearshift lever
• High-strength aluminium alloy, anodised grey
• Individually ergonomically adjustable
• Front footrest height-adjustable to any of 3 positions
- Top position same as standard footrest, 2 other, lower positions selectable
- Easy to adjust by screw
• Footbrake lever and gearshift lever adjustable up/down and also forward/back
- Adjustable to suit rider's footwear size
• 3 rubber pads on the footrests for a safe and comfortable grip
• Size of footrest tread similar to stock item
• Underscore a sporty appearance
• BMW Motorrad logotype lasered into the footrests

Windscreen, Sport, R 1200 R

• Perceptible protection from the slipstream for the rider
• Classic roadster look is retained
• Choice of clear or tinted¹
- Tinted version underscores the sporty appearance
- Clear version also available as an optional extra (fitted ex-works)
• Scratchpoof coating

¹Always comply with the conditions for approval applicable in the country of use.

Windscreen, high, R 1200 R

• Enhanced wind and weather protection for the rider
• Improved touring capability, even long motorway trips can be ridden in comfort
• Higher (+ approx. 80 mm) and wider (+ approx. 45 mm) than the Sport windscreen
• Scratchproof coating for unimpaired long-term transparency

BMW Motorrad Navigator V

• Bluetooth-compatible GPS satnav device optimised for use on motorcycles
• Large, bright 5" display
• Available either with map data for Europe or North America¹, or without preinstalled map data
• Free lifelong map updates
• 8 GB integrated memory (world unit 4 GB), and with slot for SD card
• Optional Garmin Smartphone Link for congestion information in real time, up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and more